Lockdown Learning – How well do you know your spices?

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We would like to start this article by thanking all the healthcare experts, our super cops, and a whole lot of people who are out there 24×7 at the forefront of this pandemic fighting it out for us.


Also, a big shout out to all you lovely people for showing great character and strength in fighting the CoViD19 pandemic by staying inside your homes and being patient.

Now coming back to this article, as the name suggests, we are going to test our knowledge about the spices and their names. There are a host of spices used in cooking various recipes worldwide and they have different names in different languages. However, through this post we would be quizzing you on the spices commonly used in India and their names in Hindi and English.

So Here You Go.

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How well do you know your spices – Vol 1

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What is Asafoetida Called in Hindi?

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What is the english name for Javitri?

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What is Cinnamon Called in Hindi?

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Sabut Dhaniya is also known as?

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Pippali is also known as

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Fennel seeds are popularly known as ?

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Carom seeds a.k.a ?

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The oil prepared from me is also used for treating toothache. Who am I?

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Dried fenugreek leaves are also called?

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What do we call star anise in hindi?

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Hope you enjoyed the quiz! Do challenge your friends and family by sharing this quiz with them.

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5 Spice Powder Mix
5 Spice Powder Mix

See you soon. Stay In and Stay Safe!

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