An evening at Pizza Hut – Phoenix MarketCity Kurla , Khaan Paan India

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Pizza Hut outlet at Phoenix Marketcity Kamani Kurla, Mumbai Lets check out whats new. Pizzas, Soups, Sides and Pastas. The have it all.

It had been a long while that we had visited a Pizza Hut outlet. So after a chilling Snow Time at the Snow World we decided to check out whats new with Pizza Hut and yes there were a few new additions to the Menu.

Pizza Hut, Phoenix Market City Mumbai, Khaan Paan India
Pizza Hut, Phoenix Market City Mumbai, Khaan Paan India

Our love for Cheese Garlic Breads (Check out our Cheese Butter Garlic Toast Recipe Here) is forever. However, we decided to give it a skip as we wanted to try out something new. So we decided to go in for this New Potato Sides in the Menu.

Crispy Deep Fried Potatoes topped with Onions, Tomatoes and Mayonnaise. The dish was good to start off with. A slightly different experience than the regular Potato Wedges served. Quiz Time: Try this out and comment the name of this dish in our Comments Section.

The next thing that arrived on our table was the Spicy Baked Chicken Wings. These wings made out day. Full of flavour and well cooked. This is a must try.

Triple Chicken Feast by Pizza Hut, Khaan Paan India
Triple Chicken Feast by Pizza Hut, Khaan Paan India

For the Pizza’s we had a few options, however we decided to try out the Stuffed Crust Triple Chicken Feast. You pay a little more than the regular Pan Pizza as the crust is stuffed with Cheese or Chicken Sausage. You have a choice here. Loaded with Chicken this ones a Must try for people with true love for Chicken. Yes, Chicken Died for you!!

For the Green Dot seekers, there is Country Feast & farmers Pick apart from the many others to choose from. And then there is Double Cheese Margherita for you Cheesy Ones!!

They have this 3 new Mocktail’s with fancy names. One is a Jamun based drink named Jamuntini, Orange based Tangy Mary & Malt Brew. You must try one each time you visit Pizza Hut.

So overall an evening well spent at Phoenix MarketCity, Snow World and Pizza Hut. Will try the pastas and some more Pizzas next time. Till then Happy Eating.

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