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Mumbai welcomed its first shutdown due to heavy rains. Though it is good to get a day off from work, our prayers with all who had a difficult time moving around.

It was raining cats and dogs since the last 2 days due to which moving out of home got a little difficult. And when you get cravings, all that you can do is walk up to your kitchen and look around.

We were lucky to have picked a couple of Pizza Base packets a day before so pizza it was. The challenge now was the toppings to be put up on the pizza. Post the additional search operation we got a few tomatoes, mushrooms, paneer cubes (cottage cheese), butter and readymade schezwan sauce. Garlic and Onions are always available.

I prepared a small paste combining garlic with butter to give the pizza a garlic bread base flavoured with tomato and Sch sauce. 2 teaspoons of tomato sauce combined with 1 teaspoon of schezwan sauce. Just randomly add the chopped tomatoes and onions some mixed herbs or oregano. And load of grated cheese.

Pre heat the oven for 5 – 10 mins at 180°c. Post that heat it further for 25 mins at the same temp or u til the cheese starts changing the color and looks like the image.

Veg Pizza On a Rainy Evening!!

Enjoy it with tomato sauce and some extra chilli flakes and oregano. Try this simple pizza at home and do share your feedback.

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