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Naivedyam Bar & Restaurant, Masjid Bunder

Naivedyam Bar & Restaurant is located just out side the gates of the Mumbai Port Trust’s Victoria Docks. It is also very close to the Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus Mumbai (CSTM). We happened to visit this place when we had gone to CSTM to see off a friend.

So at the outset we would like to tell you that its not a Family Restaurant and Bar. However, they do have a secluded section where in you can have a quiet lunch or dinner with family without entering the main bar area. However, do not expect a great ambience.

Now lets talk about the food. They are awesome. The food served is really good. We have tried Indian, Tandoor & Chinese. And everything was good. This was surprising as not many Bars serve good food.

Chicken Pahadi Kabab, Naivedyam Bar and Restaurant, Khaan Paan India
Chicken Pahadi Kabab, Naivedyam Bar and Restaurant, Khaan Paan India

We would definitely recommend their Chicken Pahadi Kabab which has made to the Khaan Paan’s Top 5 Dishes to have in Mumbai

They serve very good Chinese food specially their Chicken Lollipop and Triple Schezwan Rice was very delicious. The Paneer Tikka Masala was alright. But not bad.

The service was good and we dint have to wait for the dishes. Everything was served on time and the staff was courteous.

Overall a good place for food and drinks with your buddies.

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